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AP LIQUID CLEANSER ...make-up remover
Oleic acid-free liquid type

This is a makeup remover based on oleic acid-free moisture retention ingredients. It feels smooth and easy to spread, adapts quickly to the makeup and sebum smudges, and places no burden on the skin. It cleanses the skin while vitamin C derivatives protect the skin from chloride irritation. It leaves the skin fresh and not excessively taut.Oleic acid-free liquid type

AP CLEANSER ...facial cleanser
Gentle and fresh feeling liquid cleanser

Contains amino acid type of surfactant. It has very potent cleansing effect yet gentle to skin. Oil-soluble vitamin C derivative “VCIP” neutrize the chorine in the tap water. Suitable for all type of skns.

VC Lotion...for acne care
High content of Vitamin C derivative for oily skin type

The lotion contains a water-soluble vitamin C derivative. It is a soft-feel lotion. It may also be used for iontophoresis. It is recommended for people troubled by acne, shininess, and stickiness.
About Iontophoresis

VC Essence... for acne and dehydration care
High content of Vitamin C derivative for dry and combination skin type

Super-moisturizing hyaluronic acid is enriched while the water-soluble vitamin C derivative of APS5 Lotion remains. It gives a moist feel like a thick beauty essence and supplies the skin with moisture.

APPF lotion...for anti aging
All-purpose beauty lotion

This contains fullerene and amphiphilic vitamin C derivative. It focuses on active oxygen, a cause of skin problems. While giving a clear feel,it adjusts the skin environment, keeping it healthy. It is a super-moisturizing thick beauty lotion that can be used for all purposes.

4HA serum...super moisturing serum

A powerful serum that uses 4 different types of the mega hydrator Haluronic acid(HA) to infuse skin with an intensive dose of long lasting moisture. Flakes and dryness are smoothed away, skin feels,smooth and glows with healthy radiance.
About absorbable new Hyaluronic acid
Anti-aging cream with Vitamin E derivative

This is a non-sticky cream for anti-aging. High content of Vitamin E derivative help to reduce dirk circle problem. In addition to various beauty components like Argireline, Vitamin C derivative, new ingredient, NAHLSGEN support the protein, collagen, elastin HSP47 which are important to skin, and maitain the natural skin environment regulate water balance and collagen
Recommend to use for wrinkle care.

AR Lotion...for whitening

This is a whitening essence containing 6% alpha-arbutin which more active than beta-arbutin. The synergetic effect with moisturizing ingredients that reinforce natural moisturizing factors adjusts the skin to a moist clear state.
About alpha-Arbutin

APPS CREAM...anti-ageing moisturizing cream

This is a cream containing an amphiphilic vitamine C derivative APPS (Apprecier). It gives elasticity, brightness,and a clear feel to the skin. It is recommended for those who want intensive care for skin color dullness and elasticity for wrinkled parts of the faced.

AP50 CLEAR PROTECT...sun block
This sunscreen has an ultraviolet light and infrared light blocking function. It inhibits increases in the temperature of the skin by cutting infrared light as well as ultraviolet light, and prevents activation of several types of MMPs in accordance with the production of heat-shock proteins. Vitamins and moisturizing ingredients prevent the skin from becoming damaged, providing support for easily sunburned skin.It is recommended for people who want to reduce exposure to ultraviolet light and infrared light more effectively. (No ultravioletlight absorber used) Equivalent to SPF50/ PA+++

Excellent adherent to skin and continue to
deliver nutrition and hydration

3D structure of nano fiber keeps beauty components in the active molecular form and easily deliver beauty components into skin, while conventional gel sheet from collagen is wet feeling sheet however the water and other components are bouned with collagen proteins and hardly deliver the components into skin
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Face washing soap with peeling action
Conventional soaps are made only for the purpose of cleansing the skin of dirt. After a great deal of research, Sunsorit developed a Skin Peel Bar that cleanses dirt as well as exfoliates extra dead skin cells. With the effect of the gentle acid, AHA(= Fruit Acid), Sunsorit bars exfoliate dead skin cells which have accumulated on the surface of the skin and help the renewal of new skin cells. Using it on your face and body will turn your skin to baby like soft, smooth and clear skin.
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Amino Scalp Shampoo...scalp care shampoo, Silicon free
Silicon free formulation for gentle to scalp

Maintains the scalp in a natural condition, so nutrients required for hair growth reach the scalp with certainty and maintain it in a healthy condition

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