NASA cream jar series(aluminium can)

We can supply from small lot of aluminium can
Straight and highly versatile straight type.
As a characteristic of aluminum material, odor is hard to leak, and because it has moisture resistance, it can be used for various applications such as shea butter, perfume, wax and so on.
In addition, the aluminum label is easy to paste on the top of the design label, and the bottom of the jar body is uneven, so the display label is easy to paste.
Size : 12mL・25mL・40mL

Product name Full capacity(O.F.)mL セットサイズ Min lot Remarks
NASA-12 Cream Jar 13.2 φ37×18 100 Material is aluminium
NASA-25 Cream Jar 26.7 φ48×20 100
NASA-40 Cream Jar 44.5 φ55×24 100