LNP-30・50(FULL FOIL STAMPING RESIN CAP)0 series(Resin cap)

Resin CAP with a combination of metallic luxury and light touch coloring (hot stamping). It became a combination of a good cream jar by setting it with a thick jacket body of PET resin.
CAP prepared two colors of white series metallic pearl white and pink type metallic pearl magenta. The body will be of 2 kinds of transparent and clear matte painted finish. It is possible to correspond from small lot

Product name Full capacity(O.F.)mL Size Attached cap Min lot Body color
LNP-30(Full foil stamping resin cap) 42.3(witout inner cap) φ57.3×34.3 Light white/Light magenta 100 Matte paint /Natural
LNP-50(Full foil stamping resin cap) 60.4(Without innder cap) φ57.3×47.5 Light white/Light magenta 100 Matte paint/Natural