LINO series

Cosmetic cream containers from small lot that can send by mail service
The shape is simple and adopts straight type which is easy to use.
The material of the jar container is made of PET material, and a transparent container directs luxury.
In addition, we prepared a size of 5mL · 10mL and the optimal size for cosmetic samples, promotional items and so on.
Preparing two kinds of white · pearl black cap. you can use it for a wide range of uses. It is also recommended as sample for LNP cream jar.

Product name Full capacity(O.F.) Set size Min lot Body color Cap color
Lino-5 7.2 φ37.8×17.5 100 Natural Milky white/P.Black
Lino-10 12.5 φ47.4×19.0 100 Natural